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Pros and Cons

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Now that we know the results at 5-10 years after surgery are similar, when the correct indications and contra-indications are followed, the decision rests with comparison of the pros and cons of each procedure. This is where you as the patient come in. Your surgeon would not offer you the alternative of partial knee replacement unless he felt it is appropriate for you. You must be the one to decide between the pros and cons as they fit your needs and desires.

Pros of Partial Knee Replacement
  • 90-95% last 10 years
  • Faster recovery (~6wks)
  • Slightly better function (patients report that the knee feels “normal”)
Pros of Total Knee Replacement
  • 90-95% last 15-20 years
  • Less chance of second surgery if age 65 or older at time of surgery
  • Second (revision surgery) may be a tibial liner change only


Cons of Partial Knee Replacement
  • 5-10% chance of a second surgery (and a greater chance if less than 75 at time of surgery)
  • Second (revision) surgery will be to remove the partial knee and insert a total knee replacement
Cons of Total Knee Replacement
  • Slower recovery (~12 wks)
  • Slightly worse function (for some patients the knee may not feel like a “normal” knee)


Deciding if a partial knee replacement is right for you will take some thought and self analysis. Considerations include life expectancy, the difficulty of the recovery period, and concern about the possible need for another surgery. Each patient has their individual desires and concerns over these issues. Talk them over with friends of family…and especially with your surgeon.

We provided these animations to help you understand the conditions of the knee and procedures. Please click on an animations title to view. You can also print a brochure from any one of these animations.

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