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Total Hip Replacement

If you are contemplating having a total hip replacement, you should learn the facts as much as they are known about the expected benefits as well as the risks and possible complications of the procedure.

Total Knee Replacement

If you are contemplating having a total knee replacement, we feel you should know the facts about the expected benefits, as well as the risks and possible complications of the procedure.

We are orthopaedic surgeons whose practice specializes in adult reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee. This involves mainly elective total joint replacement of the hip and knee, but also includes other reconstructive procedures such as osteotomy and bone tumor surgery. We specialize in revision of failed implants as well as difficult first time cases. Younger, so called "high risk" patients, are also a focus. We are using both less invasive techniques and computer aided surgery of the hip and knee.

We are located in Sacramento, California, but our patients come from around the nation as well as internationally.

We hope the information contained in this website will be of help to you, whether you are a current or prospective patient, or just want to know more about what we do. We think you will find the sections on Total Hip and Total Knee Replacements to be unique and enlightening.

Explore our site and check out our links to other sites with even more information. If you would like to become a patient, or just want more information, please contact us by e-mail, phone or simply write us.

The more you know, the better we can help you.

Less Invasive Techniques and Pain Management

cad2New instruments to help with minimally invasive techniques are being developed every day. The future continues to look promising for minimally invasive techniques in hip and knee surgery.

Next-Generation Robotics System for Joint Replacement

steth2The new ROBODOC® Surgical System, which provides a higher level of precision and accuracy than is possible with the conventional technique, is the only “active” robotic system cleared by the FDA for orthopedic surgery.
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New Recommendations for Taking Antibiotics

morter2"The AAOS recommends that clinicians consider antibiotic prophylaxis for joint replacement patients with one or more of the following risk factors prior to any invasive procedure that may cause bacteremia."